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The first edition of the Minnesota Core Competencies for Early Childhood Practitioners was released in 2004 after years of development and research. The Minnesota Core Competencies serve as a guide for practitioners to improve, measure, and demonstrate their work with children and families. The Minnesota Core Competencies are divided into eight content areas with each content area separated into five levels. The levels build upon one another beginning with the basic requirements for a practitioner new to the field to a professional who has both experience and education that reaches the master or doctorate level.

In February of 2006 the School-age edition of the Minnesota Core Competencies were published. The content areas and levels match the original document.

Since the inception of these documents, the professional development system of Minnesota gradually began aligning its training to correspond with one or more of the content areas of the core competencies. It is with that intent that as the statewide professional development system grows, training and courses being offered will address one or more of the content areas with outcomes that align with the essentials components of the competencies. The intent of the professional development system is to encourage trainers to align and identify their trainings as part of the core documents.

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Core Instructional Competencies for Minnesota Paraprofessionals