Coordinator Updates

Minnesota Department of Education


Early Childhood Coordinator Updates Took Place at MDE on October 13, 2014

This day offered ECFE and School Readiness coordinators an opportunity to become updated on several Race to the Top initiatives and legislative changes being worked on at MDE.

The following updates were provided:

  • Online Early Childhood Screening and the Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant - Meredith Martinez
  • EE Student/Early Learning Student Aggregated Reports - Avisia Whiteman
  • Knowledge & Competency Framework - Debbie Hewitt
  • Develop Guidance – the new Parent Aware Application Process - Jessica Mattson
  • Early Learning Scholarships- Pathway II - Eileen Nelson
  • New Legislative Requirements of ECFE Programs - Mike Brown and Mary Owen
  • Updates on Available Assessment Trainers – Megan Cox