Data Practices


This page contains information and resources that will help you with a range of data practices, from collection to analysis to management of data. The role of data in early childhood programs has grown and evolved significantly over recent years. This is likely due to several reasons (e.g., increased recognition of the importance of early childhood education, increased state funding that comes with increased accountability, improvements in technology, etc.). Regardless of the reason, data plays a critical role in our work. Data should be viewed from a broad perspective and it should be used practically and strategically.

This page focuses more on data practices as opposed to data reporting. For state data systems and required state reports, go to the Data Submissions to MDE page.
Some data reports have their own page. For example, see the ECFE Needs Assessment page for specific information about the ECFE community needs assessment.

Data Practices - Continuing Education & Resources


This set of tabs contains information to help with your data practices.