Data Submissions to the Minnesota Department of Education

Data Submission Schedule

Report Name Data System Due Date
Early Education Student EE Student 8-31-2019
Screening ELS Data System July 2019
Census Birth to 4 Census 12-1-2018
School Readiness Program Plan ELS Data System Now part of WBWF plan
Site Verification MDE-ORG May
Scholarships - Pathway II ELSA 6-30-2019
Annual Reports (ECFE, SR) ELS Data System No Longer Due
Minnesota Common Course Catalogue MN Common Course Catalogue 8-15-2019

Data Systems


The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has a new student identification process for children registered in Early Childhood Family Education and School Readiness (ECFE/SR). The purpose of the new system is to better understand children’s experiences prior to kindergarten.

The benefits to this work include extending existing practices in K-12, Early Childhood Screening, Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education to families registered in ECFE/SR. This will lead to improved policies at the national, state and local levels for children and families. New, secured web resources are available to assist organizations submitting student data.

Click here for the Early-Education-Student-MDE page.

Program Submissions

0-4 Census Data Reporting

The 0-4 Census Online Data Submission System is a web-based interactive data collection for districts to report the number of resident children ages 0-4. This data is necessary in order to calculate funding for the School Readiness Program (Minn. Stat. 123D.16) and the Early Childhood Family Education Program (Minn. Stat. 124D.135).

District are required to submit the number of children ages 0-4 as of September 1, of each year, who are residing in their district as of October 1. The deadline for reporting these counts is December 1 of each year.

Click here or for the 0-4 Census Data Reporting page on the MDE website.