The Early Learning Council (ELC) makes recommendations to the Governor, Children’s Cabinet and Legislature, including proposed legislation on how to effectively create a high-quality early childhood system in Minnesota to ensure all children arrive at kindergarten school-ready. The Council was created by Governor Dayton’s Executive Order 11-05.

The Council is responsible for fulfilling the duties required by federal and state statutes. Duties of the Council required by federal law are described in the Head Start Act of 2007 and the Minnesota Legislature. See Resources to read more.

The Early Learning Council (ELC) consists of up to 30 members, including the state Head Start Collaboration Director, and one representative each from the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health, and Human Services. The governor, the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate each appoint members.

The Early Learning Council may establish committees or work groups for specific tasks. These work groups make recommendations to the full Council for decision. Specific meeting information can be found on the MDE Calendar. Search by title for the Early Learning Council.

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