ECFE Community Needs Assessment


The purpose of this page is to provide resources and/or guidance to ECFE programs in order to complete the new community needs assessment requirement. The assessment must be completed prior to July 15, 2018, when the ECFE Annual Report is due to the Minnesota Department of Education. It is recommended that you tie your needs assessment to broader initiatives (e.g. PreK-3rd Grade work, ECFE 2014-19 Enhancement Areas, community initiatives, etc.).

This page contains information and resources that will help you complete a community needs assessment, as required by Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.13 (a). On the Resources for Planning, Conducting and Reporting Your Needs Assessment set of tabs, you will find valuable resources aimed at conducting a needs assessment. On the Strategies for Conducting Your Needs Assessment set of tabs you will find strategies that will help you conduct your needs assessment so that it meets ECFE statutory requirements.

Resources for Planning, Conducting and Reporting Your Needs Assessment


There are no changes to the reporting requirements for the Community Needs Assessment. Because of this, the guidance for 2017-18 will be similar to previous years. Just like your work in your district and communities, we work every year to learn about your needs and make improvements to the community needs assessment process, including providing new resources and better assistance.

A needs assessment is an essential part of your program and should be conducted every year. With that being said, it is important to note that your community needs assessment does not need to be the same every year. The focus, intensity, and other elements may be different year to year, especially if you have tied your needs assessment to things like program goals, program evaluation, district goals, and/or community initiatives.

Program Evaluation: The Five-Tiered Approach
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Analysis of 2014-15 Community Needs Assessment Submissions Click Here
This document contains the findings from a review of the 2014-15 needs assessment submissions. It is organized into four areas:

  1. How school districts gathered data/information
  2. New and underserved populations
  3. Child and family risk factors
  4. Family and parenting education needs

Strategies for Conducting Your Needs Assessment


In this set of tabs, the focus is on strategies for conducting your needs assessment. In particular, tabs are designated for the three required components of the needs assessment