Human Resources


This page is designed to help you with topics related to Human Resources. Your district/organization will have an HR director/department that you should consult and work with. The information and resources will help you with your designated responsibilities as they relate to managing and effectively leading your staff.
This page has four sets of tabs based on the following topics: Staffing, Job Descriptions, Hiring Process, Handbooks.



Each organization or district has various programs and services staffed by a variety of people. Included in this section are different programs and services and examples of staff members who perform specific duties/roles.

Job Descriptions


Each organization or district has a process for creating and revising job descriptions. Included in this section are samples of job descriptions for Early Childhood administrators and staff.

If you would like to share a job description, please feel free to add your document(s).

Hiring Process

The hiring process begins with determining need and posting a position. These tabs contain information that will help you through each step of the process, describing potential roles and responsibilities of an early childhood administrator. As with other HR tasks, you will want to be consulting with your district's/organization's appropriate HR staff and a licensed administrator.


The purpose of a handbook will vary depending on the intended audience and the institution. The purpose of an employee handbook, for example, may be to provide all staff members, especially new staff members, with knowledge of the policies, regulations, practices, and expectations that characterize the institution.

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