Kindergarten Entry Profile

The Kindergarten Entry Profile (KEP) includes comprehensive assessment tools which districts choose based on the needs of their students and teachers. These tools provide real-time data to help districts in their planning and practice. Each of the tools below are aligned to the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIP) and the Kindergarten Academic Standards. Each tool publisher also offers assessment versions designed for early learning programs.

Since 2014, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has been working to revise, expand and improve the School Readiness Study, which measures children’s status at
kindergarten entry.
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With no systematic process in place to assess children’s school readiness, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) in 2002 initiated a series of three yearly studies focused on obtaining a picture of the school readiness of Minnesota’s kindergartners. The studies were well-received by the public, and during the 2006 Minnesota state legislative session, funding was appropriated for the study to be continued on an annual basis (School Readiness Report, 2010).

Since 2006, the School Readiness Study has gathered data from a voluntary 10 percent sample of schools using the Minnesota adapted version of the Work Sampling System. Based on feedback from administrators and teachers, the study was revised to provide districts with a choice of tools that are developmentally appropriate and align to the Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) and the Minnesota Academic Standards for kindergarten and allow for teachers and administrators to use real time data to inform practice and program planning. This new process is called the Kindergarten Entry Profile.

Below are resources for kindergarten entry assessments:

A Report of the National Research Council, "Early Childhood Assessment: Why, What, and How?"

A Position Paper of the Early Childhood Education State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards, "Moving Forward With Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Efforts"