Leadership & Administration

“The quality of an early childhood education program is largely dependent on an often overlooked group of professionals: school or program leaders. After teachers, research shows that school leaders are the greatest in-school factor impacting student achievement.”
- Abbie Lieberman (2017), A Tale of Two Pre-K Leaders: How State Policies for Center Directors and Principals Leading Pre-K Programs Differ, and Why They Shouldn’t., p. 5

Regional Networking Group Leaders and ECAPC

The purpose of the Early Childhood Administration Practice Committee (ECAPC) is to work to advance the leadership and administration of early childhood and family programs. Regional networking group leaders work to:

  1. Build regional capacity and expertise.
  2. Continuously improve programs and services.
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration.

Knowledge and Competency Framework for Early Childhood Administrators (KCF-ECA)

Research and anecdotal evidence tell us that school leaders play a critical role influencing school quality and student outcomes. However, when it comes to the administration of early childhood programs, there is no formal training or professional development required. Due to the recognized importance and impact of high-quality early childhood programs and services, it is imperative that the preparation, development, and support of early childhood administrators and leaders is prioritized.

Minnesota’s Knowledge and Competency Framework for Early Childhood Administrators describes what administrators need to know and do in order to effectively lead and administer programs and services for young children, parents, and families. It is intended to help administrators understand their roles and responsibilities, while also providing a resource to help administrators assess their work and plan areas of growth and improvement.

The framework is based on the core leadership competencies for Minnesota administrative licenses, which is part of Minnesota Rule 3512.0510. Also included in the framework are standards from the publication, Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015 (National Policy Board for Educational Administration).

Subpart 1: Core Leadership Competencies


Competency A: Leadership
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Subpart 6: Competencies for Director of Early Childhood and Family Education

Instructional Leadership

Competency 6A. Instructional Leadership
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