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The Division of Educator Licensing at the Minnesota Department of Education oversees the licensing and federal highly qualified verification of all educators and administrators working in Minnesota public K-12 schools. The division also provides resources to assist school districts and colleges in maintaining compliance with state and federal licensure laws.

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Clock Hours; Requirements for Renewal of Professional Licenses

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Educator Licensing Clarification on Early Childhood Family Education
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Measures of Teacher Quality in Minnesota
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Minnesota has a multitude of options for those interested in earning a teaching license. A wide variety of institutions, both public and private, offer many different pathways to becoming a licensed teacher. The purpose of this site is to provide information about the quality teacher education programs in Minnesota.

Minnesota Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (MACTE)
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Minnesota Teacher Preparation Institutions
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Early Childhood Education
University of Minnesota - Master of education/initial licensure

Parent Education
University of Minnesota - Parent and Family Education Program


The Board of Teaching, created in 1973, provides leadership for improvements in teacher education programs in order to assure that the state has well-qualified, professional teachers.

Special Permissions for Classroom Teaching
Minnesota school districts that are unable to hire a fully licensed teacher in a particular teaching assignment may be eligible for a special permission. Several special permissions require action by the Board of Teaching:

  • Non-Licensed Community Experts
  • Innovative Program Waivers
  • Discretionary Variance Requests

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Permission Information
The Minnesota Board of Teaching may grant special permission to individuals, allowing them to teach in subject content areas for which they may not be fully licensed when a school district has attempted, but is unable to hire a fully licensed teacher. Special permissions include variances, waivers, temporary limited licenses, non-licensed community expert permissions, short-call substitute licenses and non-renewable licenses.
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Minnesota Administrative Rules Teachers of Early Childhood Education 8710.3000
Minnesota Administrative Rules Teachers of Parent and Family Education 8710.3100

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