New Administrators


Welcome to your new position!

Starting a new position as an early childhood program administrator may feel overwhelming. Many of us have not received any formal training in school administration and leadership (we might have been a teacher one day and an administrator the next). Even those with administrative licenses share this feeling, as administrative licensure programs do not adequately address early childhood, and some do not have real-world experience in early childhood programs.

Above all, there is a lot to know and do!! Complex factors can make high-quality early childhood administration particularly challenging. For instance, the field of early childhood is changing rapidly. With research extolling the benefits of early childhood education came increased visibility, political attention, and funding. As a result, increases in responsibilities and expectations have followed. Rapid growth can create additional complexities and misalignments (e.g. many early childhood funding streams, differing requirements, etc.).
Of course, responsibilities of early childhood coordinators vary from district to district. In some districts, one may be responsible for ECFE, Early Childhood Screening and School Readiness, while others districts may have separate coordinators for each program. Voluntary Prekindergarten and School Readiness Plus may be completely separate. One's responsibilities within programs may also vary immensely.

The goal of this page is to help get you started by highlighting some of the more important things to know (and do). Below are some essential first steps followed by information relevant to your position. While the topics/tabs on this page contain information geared toward new administrators, it is likely that many current early childhood administrators would find it helpful.

Adding and Updating Contact Information on MDE Website
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This document teaches you how to update your contact information on the MDE directory. Among other things, this helps MDE staff contact you with updates, information, reminders. etc.

Contact your district's Site Verification Coordinator. ECFE and School Readiness coordinator information is included in MDE-ORG. The Minnesota Department of Education-Organization Reference Glossary (MDE-ORG) is a searchable database. It includes a variety of Minnesota school, district and education-related organization directories.

Getting Early Childhood Program Sites Set Up in MDE-ORG
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Find and Join Your Regional Networking Group
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One of the most important things for early childhood coordinators is support. The regional networking groups provide collegial support. They are a great way to get connected with other coordinators in your area. Also, a great way to share information and learn from each other.