New Coordinators


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Messages from New Coordinators

Hi to all the New Coordinators out there! I am interested in hearing from all those who are learning in their new positions too! I learned many new things from the MNAFEE conference but also am now overwhelmed with more new information too!
I have been a teacher in my program since 2003 so I am not new to the program just the position. We have 122 Pre-K school readiness kiddos and also a small ECFE program. The position is part time and I am also teaching and doing Parent Education for 2 classes. Any advice or help or just encouragement would be great!
Kim Kleven su.nm.21k.1702dsi|nevelkk#su.nm.21k.1702dsi|nevelkk
Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Little Knights Preschool and ECFE