Parents As Teachers

What is Parents as Teachers?

The Parents as Teachers early childhood parent education and family support program is a partnership of the home, school and community based on the vision that all children learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential. Our goals are to increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices, increase school readiness, provide early detection of developmental and health delays, and prevent child abuse and neglect. Social connections are built and protective factors are strengthened using the Parents as Teachers approach to building strong families and promoting positive parent-child interaction, so children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Parents as Teachers is an evidence-based home visiting model that includes personal visits for parents with a trained home visitor, group connections with other parents, engaging parents in ongoing screenings for their children in health, vision, hearing and child development, and connections to resources within the community to meet basic needs and provide additional family support.

Parents as Teachers provides research-based training that supports parent educators as they develop proficiencies in five core areas: Family Support and Parenting Education, Child and Family Development, Human Diversity within Family Systems, Health, Safety and Nutrition, and Relationships between Families and Communities. Our Foundational Training and evidence informed curriculum centers on three areas of emphasis Parent-Child Interaction, Development-Centered Parenting, and Family Well-Being.

For more information about Parents as Teachers and our successful partnerships in Minnesota, please view the PowerPoint and uploaded files below.
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Jennifer Barshack, M.S.
Manager and State Leader
Parents as Teachers Minnesota Regional Office

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"All children will learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential"