Regional Networking Groups

The regional networking groups were created using the Governor's Economic Development regions. The groups/maps were restructured (from the old MNAFEE maps) in order to be consistent with other maps. This page is organized into three set of tabs: One for coordinators, one for educators, and one for information sharing. Each school district is listed in the regions below.



According to a MDE survey of early childhood coordinators, the best resource for information, guidance, and support is other coordinators. One of the goals of networking groups is to connect coordinators and build regional and statewide capacity. Another goal of networking groups is to increase communication and collaboration not only among district programs, but also between the state and districts.

The concept driving our capacity-building and improvement efforts is Leadership from the Middle (LftM). LftM can be briefly defined as: a deliberate strategy that increases the capacity and internal coherence of the middle as it becomes a more effective partner upward to the state and downward to its schools and communities, in pursuit of greater system performance. The goal of LftM is to develop greater overall system coherence by strengthening the focus of the middle in relation to system goals and local needs. Thus, it is not a standalone, but rather a connected strategy. This approach is powerful because it mobilizes the middle (districts and/or networks of schools), thus developing widespread capacity, while at the same time the middle works with its schools more effectively and becomes a better and more influential partner upward to the center. Click Here to continue reading.



The overall purpose of the Parenting Education Collaboratives is to enhance the practice and effectiveness of parent and family education. The collaboratives focus on issues relevant to practitioners, programs, and the field of parenting education. Functions of the committee include activities like advising on guidance, policies, and professional development. The collaboratives also serve to enhance communication between the field and MDE. The purpose of the collaboratives is to build and support an infrastructure that enables family professionals to connect, build collegial relationships, and learn from each other in order to advance the practice of providing educational services and support to families.


2020-21 Goals

  1. Do our best during challenging times.
  2. Increase MDE support for networking groups.
  3. Back to basics and plan to leapfrog.