School Readiness


This page focuses on School Readiness, the public school program available to Minnesota children, age 3 years to kindergarten enrollment who meet certain eligibility requirements. For the concept of school readiness (schools being ready for children and children being ready for school), see MDE's School Readiness page or the World's Best Workforce page on this site.

The purpose of a School Readiness program is to prepare children to enter kindergarten. The goal of School Readiness is to help preschoolers enter school with the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in future learning.

It is a priority of School Readiness to involve parents in their child’s learning and education. Research has shown that early childhood programs that involve parents and children working together are more effective than programs that only focus on the child. Involving families early encourages parents to play a more active role throughout their child’s education.

This page contains information and resources that will help you supervise and lead your School Readiness program.